When you use your fireplace, you can build up soot and other tiny particles in your chimney. With time, this can cause the chimney to shrink and become less efficient at removing smoke and gas from the fireplace. It is therefore vital that these gases are vented outside of your house, since a blocked chimney can prevent them from leaving, instead of bringing the gases inside. Burning wood can lead to the build-up of creosote, a highly flammable material. 

The combustion process of fireplaces, particularly wood and gas, can release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

You should use cleaning and evaluating service once a year. There are few signs when you need chimney cleaning Dallas service.

While this might seem like a practical option, homeowners should maintain their chimneys and ensure their families’ safety by having regular inspections. Almost all fireplace manufacturers recommend cleaning and evaluating a fireplace at least once per year. When your chimney is thoroughly inspected, particularly its interior, problems and potential risks like debris build-up that increases fire risks can be detected. 

Your chimney sweep will need to be able to access your chimney from your fireplace, so make sure nothing gets broken or damaged. The chimney sweep will be able to begin cleaning your fireplace immediately by sweeping up any leftover ash, wood, and burnt logs.

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It is the pride of On-Time Home Experts to serve the local community with affordable, fast, and efficient chimney cleaning and maintenance, inspection and repair services.  In order to ensure as little mess as possible, our chimney sweeps will take the utmost care when cleaning your chimney. Our company has become a reliable one for countless homeowners due to years of experience. It is important to note that our highly qualified and experienced technicians provide the best chimney cleaning services in Dallas. In case of any questions or concerns you have, a technician will be able to conduct an inspection and review of your chimney.

For a really dirty chimney or if you’re not sure of its condition, you can cover your furniture and rugs near the fireplace with old sheets. You will have peace of mind that your home is protected in case any soot falls down the chimney during cleaning.

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