In order to keep your home safe, you must need yearly cleaning of your chimney.

Make routine repairs and maintenance if necessary.  It is best to fix the problem by maintaining and repairing it.  Even if your chimney is not regularly used, animals, such as birds, may build nests in it or deterioration may expose hidden issues that make it unsafe. You should use cleaning and evaluating service once a year. There are a few signs when you need chimney cleaning Dallas service. So that you can save your home. Take a look at some of the signs that will help you to decide you need a Chimney cleaning service:

  1. Oily spots on the wall of your fireplace
  2. After a fire, you can smell smoke in your home.
  3. Poorly burning fire
  4. The surround of your fireplace is turning black.
  5.  Animals inside the chimney
  6. There is a strong smell coming from the fireplace.
  7. The fireplace is filled with soot.
  8. Smook does not rise up the chimney

The combustion process of fireplaces, particularly wood and gas, can release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

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It is the pride of On-Time Home Experts to serve the local community with affordable, fast, and efficient chimney cleaning and maintenance, inspection and repair services.  In order to ensure as little mess as possible, our chimney sweeps will take the utmost care when cleaning your chimney. Our company has become a reliable one for countless homeowners due to years of experience.

Providing quality Chomeny cleaning service in Dallas?

On-Time Home Experts provides inspection reports for condo and homeowners associations, as well as home inspectors and new home buyers.

No matter how often you use your chimney system, it is recommended that you have it inspected annually for safety. It is important to note that our highly qualified and experienced technicians provide the best chimney cleaning services in Dallas. In case of any questions or concerns you have, a technician will be able to conduct an inspection and review of your chimney.