Hours Of Operation: Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: Closed

Hours Of Operation: Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: Closed

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Chimney inspections are essential to get once a year. Many homeowners prefer to schedule this type of maintenance in the springtime as the saying goes “spring cleaning.” Scheduling in the springtime means that the system will be cleaned throughout the summer, removing any odors that arise as humidity and temperatures rise.

We recommend having your chimney inspected before you start to light a fire in your chimney as there could be problems such as an animal stuck inside your chimney or even a chimney leak.

The (NFPA) states that the safest way to keep your family and your chimney safe it to have it maintained regularly once a year the most common time homeowners schedule their chimney maintenance is during the months of October to January. Getting it done sooner is preferably better before the winter months come which then means you will need your fireplace, not having your chimney inspected can cause harm and leave a hazardous residue.


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